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= Gage has reported that no precipitation has occurred in the time step listed above.
M = Gage has not reported in last 6 hours. Data missing.

MCDAQ Current Data

This site provides current rainfall, weather, stream and impoundment information for Maricopa County and nearby counties. These data are updated every 10 minutes.

Use the Datasets Menu and Dailog to change rainfall period or select weather, temperature, streamflow, impoundment, or Air Quality Data. Use the Layers menu to turn on/off NWS Warnings, Radar, and Satellite imagery.

NWS Warning Areas provided by NWS RIDGE Displays (

Radar, precipitation estimates, and satellite imagery layers provided by Weather Decision Technologies (WDT):

This map was created from provisional data that has not been checked or verified for accuracy.  Some data on this map comes from sources other than Flood Control District of Maricopa County.  Flood Control District of Maricopa County has no control over the accuracy and type of data transmitted. This map was created solely for the convenience of the County and related public agencies.  The County does not warrant the accuracy of this map, and no decision involving a risk of economic loss or physical injury should be made from the data available on this site.

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