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= Gage has reported that no precipitation has occurred in the time step listed above.
M = Gage has not reported in last 6 hours. Data missing.

MCDAQ Current Data

= This station does not have the specific air quality sensor you selected at its location.

Warning: These data have been obtained from automated instruments and have not been subjected to a quality assurance review to determine their accuracy. They are presented for public awareness and should not be considered final. Conditions such as power outages and equipment malfunctions can produce invalid data. Please note that not every pollutant is measured at every site.

These data are updated every 15 minutes. The map refreshes current dataset every 2 mintues.

Use the Datasets Menu and Dailog to change select a AQI value. Use the Current Data Menu and Dailog to veiw the MCAQD Current Weather Data, individual sensor data, FCDMC weather data and FCDMC 24 hour rainfall totals. Use the Layers menu to turn on/off NWS Warnings, Radar, and Satellite imagery.

Peak Wind, NO2, O2, CO, PM-2.5, West Phoenix PM-10, and North Phoenix PM-10 are updated hourly and everything else is updated every five mintues.

NWS Warning Areas provided by NWS RIDGE Displays (http://radar.weather.gov/ridge)

Radar, precipitation estimates, and satellite imagery layers provided by Weather Decision Technologies (WDT): http://www.wdtinc.com

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Map Produced by FCDMC Flood Warning Branch

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